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Admin Commands

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Admin Commands

Post by Tim Fortner on February 15th 2014, 11:58 am

Administrative chat commands 

!admin [
- give other drivers admin privileges 
!nadmin [
- remove admin privileges from driver 
!remove [
- Remove a driver from the race, permanently, can remove spectators as well. 
!yellow [
- Throw a yellow if not already active 
!waveby [
- Move car up to next lap and send to the end of the pace line 
!advance [
- Advance to next session (qualify to grid, etc) 
!chat [
- enable chat for all drivers 
- if driver is specified, re-enable chat for that driver. 
!nchat [
- disable voice/text chat for all drivers except administrators 
- if driver is specified, disable chat for that specific driver only 
!black [time] or 
[L(laps)] - give a driver the black 
default is a stop and go, optionally specify time or laps to hold 
!dq [
- Disqualify a driver from the race, but do not remove them from the server 
!eol [
- Move driver backwards to end of pace line 

!clear [
- clear all pending or active black flags, dq's or eol's for a driver 

/# Send driver a private message 
R From either the driving screen or the session screen; responds to the last person 
who private-messaged you 
/rc Send a message to the admins for the current event (/rc is short for 
race control) 
/all (admins only) Sends a chat message to all drivers even if chat is disabled 
== Notes == 
[] is an optional message that will be broadcast to all the users. 
So the command '!remove #32 Banning for reckless driving' would send out the 
notification: '#32 was removed from the system. Banning for reckless driving.' to all 
Wherever you see a the form is one of the following: 
#number> number> 
- Name represents the beginning portion of a name so bob matches on bob or bobby 
- you can string together multiple names using '.' to replace spaces so b.brown could 
match 'bob brown' 
- Names must be specified sufficiently to give a unique result. 
- If two names conflict but one is an exact match than that name is used. This is 
so bob.brown and bobby.brown can be differentiated. 
- the # symbol is optional to help make things faster.

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